Sunday, August 13, 2006

Key Cut

Keys cut

I broke my motorbike key the other day and I decided to have a new one cut. When I think back to about 10 or 15 years ago, there used to be a man or lady using a file to make the key with hundreds of movements up and down and it took them about 15 minute to finish the job and it used to cost about 3,000Vnd. But like in the picture below, you can get your key done in a few minutes by machine and it's the perfect size and it costs you from 5,000Vnd up to 20,000Vnd. The quality and and the look of the key is much more professional than in the past and you can see this business alot in Hanoi like groups of mushrooms around street corners.

Keys cut

I talked to the guy who cut my key and he told me that he earns about 100,000Vnd per day which means he cuts about 20 keys everyday. That's not a bad income. This job is not physically demanding as he only sits on a chair for the whole day. However, ocassionally he has to run very fast to escape from the police who do not allow people to trade on the pavement. I think they bribe the street police to sit there, who knows?

Keys cut

There are many key blanks for you to choose and they are not very different in price.


Sandy Hatcher-Wallace said...

Our back door key broke in half and I didn't think they could make a duplicate key and that we would have to change the lock but, the key guy was able to put the key back together and make a duplicate. It amazed me how easy he made it with his machine.

I gotta have my motorbike key and I just can't imagine what would happen if something happend to it...I'd go bananas.

junebee said...

Now in the U.S., you can get keys with your favorite sports team logo, leopard spots, or whatever on them. Of course they are much more expensive than plain metal keys.

Kathrine said...

Hi "God"
I've got a question about your recent trip to the Silk Village. Did you use a travel agency? If so, how much did you pay pr. person.
My friends and I are planing on going this weekend :)
Thanks Kath

Van Cong Tu said...

Hi Kathrine, About the Ha Dong Silk Village, We went there by taxi. You can go there by motorbike, taxi or bus. I don't think I want to spend money on tour for this place because there's not much to see except the peaceful atmostphere and lots of silk shops.
If you make this trip, go to the last lane where all the best shops are and there is one shop whhich looks expensive but they have wide range for you to choose.
Abandoned in Pasadena: Do you need I send him to the USA for you :)
junebee: Same here. You are right!

Nabeel said...

this is great .. awesome pictures .. love the key duplication machine :)

Cergie said...

Professional key makers sometimes, even often, make key which do not work.
In the case that happens with a in the street made key, how can you have an "after sold service" ?

Van Cong Tu said...

Cergie, I dont think we have that service for keys mate.