Monday, August 07, 2006

Shouting Tofu

Tofu and noodle

If you don't mind trying street food and you have only 10,000Vnd in your pocket, then this lunch is for you. That's fried tofu with noodles. This is served at a very popular place in Phat Loc lane near the corner of Hang Be, Hang Bac and Hang Mam street. There's no air conditioning but an old electric fan hanging on the wall is included with the price :) The sauce may be a problem for you. It is a smelly shrimp sauce which I love but I know many westerners don't like it and prefer normal fish sauce.


You also can order some yummy fried young sticky rice pancake and eat with noodle and its also very cheap. The owner of this stall shouts at her staff all the time which may drive you crazy, but her tofu is great and the noodles are always fresh and the staff always smile even though they get shouted at.

Young sticky rice cakes

Don't forget to order a cup of iced tea from the old lady in front of this shop. She serves very good tea with clean ice and in clean glasses. I am sure that you won't have any trouble with your stomach.

Tofu and noodle

Tofu and Noodle
Ngo Phat loc
Ha Noi


black feline said...

i don't know whether u heard of the stinking tofu from taiwan or china? we have that Singapore. It's not the's actually the fried fermented tofu...i almost died from the stinking smell...imagine in your mouth...yak!!!!!

junebee said...

I like mabu tofu and fried tofu. Maybe I would like this!

sunkissed said...

fried tofu's the bomb. right now i am enjoying tofu chips when i watch movies here in manila. *burp*

Bear Bear said...

This is always my favourite !!!
Eat with "bún" and " mắm tôm" is the best!!!

FooDcrazEE said...

dau hu is always the best

Anonymous said...

Engjoy reading your blog tremendously. I have learned so much about my country from your blog. I left Saigon in 1971 and haven't been back since then. Everything is changing in a better way especially the food industry. I miss having a bowl of hot "pho," or "bun bo" in the morning, noon and night not to mention "street food". If I ever have chance to return home I will definitely look you up for info and direction. Thanks and keep up the good work. TNphuonglan

Sandy Hatcher-Wallace said...

I never tried fried tofu but I don't mind eating from a street vendor and all the food in your pictures looks good. I must be hungry so, I'm off to go find something to eat.

Van Cong Tu said...

black feline, I never ever heard I dont about stinking tofu but I mind to try :)
junebee: I am sure you will like this dish :)
g.knotee, Bear Bear you guys are so right :)
TNphuonglan , glad to know my website gives you a pleasure.
Abandoned in Pasadena thanks.

Anonymous said...

love fried, pungently shrimp sauce sounds a good match!!!

in singapore, we love fried tofu stuffed with bean sprouts, shredding cucumbers & drizzle dark sweet & pungently aromatic shrimp paste over it.

stinking tofu, it's pungently aromatic as well. heavenly smell once cooked but you may like to think twice about doing yourself at home, it stink my kitchen for a day or two :P