Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Hoi An Beach

Hoi An Beach

Away from the ancient city of Hoi An - about 10 minutes by motorbike - is Cua Dai Beach. On the last day of our holiday I was woken by a flash of sunlight through the curtains. A relaxing day at the beach is always a good way to spend the last day, so we rode along the 4km road which has some great scenery.

Hoi An Beach seller

Hoi An beach is so quiet in the morning and I realized that there are much fewer sellers on the beach compared to last time I was here a few years ago. There are a few old ladies trying to earn some money from tourists. They keep coming back all the time until you buy something from them. They also charge a very high price which can be annoying. Also, the people who own the chairs on the beach are really aggressive, the food is over-priced and not good quality. Once I got over that, I relaxed.

Hoi An Beach

Hoi An beach has its good points: it's pretty clean and wide with white sand and the beer's cold.


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