Monday, May 28, 2007

Tay Thien Pagoda And Silver Waterfall Part I

Tay Thien pagoda

Khai and his friends invited me to join their day trip to Tay Thien Pagoda. As usual for our pagoda trips, we left very early in the morning and it took us fours hours to reach the beautiful pagoda which is located right on the top of a hill. Unfortunately, the bus broke down halfway up the hill, and we had to walk up to the top. The scenery was beautiful along the road and also from the pagoda.

Tay Thien pagoda

We chose a quiet day in the middle of the week but the pagoda was still really busy. Many people from other provinces and Hanoi came here to pray for a good year for their families. I saw many people taking xe oms(motorbike taxi) up the hill, even though they travelled from Hanoi by bus. You have to pay 10,000Vnd each for a return trip from the road where the buses stop up to the top and most motorbikes took two or three people at a time.

Tay Thien pagoda

We spent two hours walking around the pagoda and had lunch in a beautiful bungalow right on the side of pagoda. I was so impressed about how clean the pagoda was, as people put their waste in the rubbish baskets around, unlike some other places in Vietnam

To be continued


junebee said...

Very lovely. I think that's the problem in Florida, not enough pagodas.

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I like post. Thank you!