Monday, December 17, 2007

Three Nagas' Birthday

Hoa Vien restaurant

My good friends Eric, Mark and I were born under the same status of dragon year but in different years. As we are all going for our holiday next week, we decided to catch up with a group of good friends at Hoa Vien restaurant. Hoa Vien is huge restaurant with outdoor seating and 3 storeys inside, located at 1 Tang Bac Ho street. The great thing inside is that you can pour your own fresh Czech beer at the table. This is a fun thing to do and they also have a very good atmosphere with great staff.

Seafood hotpot

When everyone arrived, we ordered some really good prawn spring rolls, grilled prawns with bacon, Thai salad, susu vegetable, a seafood hotpot and some other dishes which I can't remember and of course the tall 4 litre glass cylinders of black beer, which are also tapped at the table. It was a great combination for talking and eating over a few hours.

Hoa Vien restaurant

We had a fabulous evening with good friends and interesting conversations. Congratulations to my dearest friends Mark and Eric, also myself:) A great year is coming with many good things Also thanks to all of our friends for coming.

Hoa Vien restaurant 023 Large e-mail view

Hoa Vien is a great place for a special celebration with a big group of people.
1 Tang Bac Ho
Ha Noi


Preya said...

Happy Birthday!!

John J. Goddard said...

Those white clams are gorgeous. Were they part of the hot pot? And what are they called in Vietnamese?

Anonymous said...

Happy birtday my friend, I still read your articles with great intrest. I hope I can make it some day to visit again Nam.

Furkids in Hong Kong™ said...

Happy belated birthday and wishing you and your loved ones a very merry Christmas!

Unknown said...

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