Monday, April 06, 2009

Hoi An

Beer and seafood

Sorry that I haven't updated my blog for a long time. It's been a combination of being busy and laziness. I was actually considering quitting blogging. After 10 days holiday in Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh City and Nha Trang, I decided to start blogging again as I have enough energy now to walk around, take some photos and learn more stories to tell you guys.

Hoi An Hotel

I went back to Hoi An with my friends for a break to escape Hanoi's awful spring drizzle and dull grey skies. We were greeted in Hoi An by stunning blue skies, a more than warm sun and a really nice hotel.

Tu- Hoi An Hotel

I spent a few hours relaxing by the hotel pool before hitting the shops. My friends hadn't been to Hoi An, so they were excited to see the tailors and lanterns. It was actually a nice time to be in Hoi An as there were not many tourists around. During our wanders, we passed a small pagoda in Tran Phu street where food was being served in the courtyard. What a fantastic atmosphere to enjoy one of Hoi An's specialties, chicken rice...and one of the local beers, LaRue.

Mac Khai tailor

Unfortunately, I couldn't find my old tailor after an hour walking around. I decided to stop at Mac Khai, one of dozens of tailor shops around Hoi An. I had some shirts and shorts copied to be ready for the hot summer in Hanoi. Within 24 hours, my clothes were ready for pick-up, all perfectly sewn and made to order.

Grilled squid - Hoi An

The next day we went to the beach for a short time to try some squid, prawns and scallops. They were good but dear compared to Nha Trang. I was looking forward to eating more seafood on my arrival home in Nha Trang. Seafood is always good and cheap down there and that's one of the things I miss most. My friends and I wanted to eat in the night food market which is always full of tourists. It is a good place to try some other local specialties, like the noodle dish cao lau. During our visit, we also ate at one of my favourites, the Bale Well restaurant, which I've written about before.

Chicken rice - Hoi An

Really enjoyed the first leg of our trip.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Good to see you back. Terry

Anonymous said...

Welcome back and please don't quit blogging. I missed you while you were gone. I haven't commented before but I enjoy reading your insightful blog and the beautiful pics. Mai said...

Hey man dont quit blogging. I read your blog from time to time.

schiehallion said...

Yes, would be a pitty to see you jumping off the scene. Why not wrtiting a bit more about things beyond travelling and eating in Vietna?

Van Cong Tu said...

Thanks guys. I will try my best.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tu
Diem here,I have left Nhatrang and been back in Australia for quite a some time now. So so sorry we did not get to catch up in Nhatrang, what a shame!!any way , just got back on your blog recently and still loving it very much .Boy doesnt that Hoian chicken rice look so yummy!!I used to love having it while I was there ,I'm talking like 5-6 years ago.
Great to have you back on blogging and all the best to you and your family.


Van Cong Tu said...

Hi Diem, thanks heaps. I am going back to Aus in October for 5 weeks holiday. Hope it's a good time to go

Anonymous said...

Hi Tu
The peak of winter in Australia is from beginning of June till end of July.Late October is a good time to visit,it should be a lot warmer during the day but do expect some chilly nights.

Kind regards

Van Cong Tu said...

Thanks heaps Diem