Monday, November 14, 2005

Chip Chip

A very simple ad hangs on the tree with names and prices for crispy fried bananas, crispy fried sweet potatoes and crispy fried corn, deep fried in batter. All these delicious cakes are available on Yen Phu street near the Thang Loi hotel on the pavement.

There are two woman partners in this business for over 6 years. Ms Thu, the older lady has been open for business forover 16 years, selling sweet che. They do business all year, selling che from May to October and these fried pieces from October to May. She is just a lovely calm lady who is always smiling and speaks to you softly and this may be one of the reasons why people keep coming back.

She spends two hours from 5am to 7am preparing and starts trading at 9Am and continues till 6pm. Most of the supplies are delivered and she only does the final phases such as peeling the skin and chop it into pieces. Bananas she presses to make flat and cooks straight away.

If you drive past this area, you will see lots of people sitting on small plastic stools, enjoying the fried cakes with a piece of news paper wrapped around the cake. This is a classic way and I love it. The winter is coming and these are great on a cold afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Nothing like a piping fresh banh chuoi. The number of times I've burnt the roof of my mouth... Bit too eager to get in there.

Van Cong Tu said...

Hi Pieman,
Yeah, they are a special treat in the winter. Do they have them in the south?

Anonymous said...

OH yeah - quite common year round actually.

BTW - have you thought of adding an RSS feed to your blog? Just a thought. I rarely visit blogs that don't come to me via RSS. very easy to set up. I stongly recommend.

Aarya said...

Hi godknows,
Vietnam is very similar(greenary and food) to Kerala,India to which I belong.I have gone through most of ur articles and its really good.Good work buddy.

damle said...

I'm going to be in VN this Dec. 06, would love to meet you and have you show me your favorite places. You rocks!!!

Van Cong Tu said...

Hi, damle, should give me a yell then we can meet up for a drink.
Aarya I love Indian food mate