Friday, November 04, 2005

Pho Corner

This is just a small restaurant located right at the corner of Bat Dan and Hang Dieu streets. Very good chicken soup. You can order chicken without skin or with skin, my friends and I usually eat tai ga, which means chicken and beef and some quay - deep fried bread. This place serves the best quay, always crispy and I love it.

One of the sons and daddy always take care of the motorbikes and another son handles money and bills. Two old ladies deliver the quay and clean the dishes. The mother is in charge of meat slicing and the daughter serves the bowls to customers.

The best time to enjoy this noodle shop is in the morning. You have to sit on a short stool right in front of the restaurant and your table will be a taller stool. I love this way.


Dzung said...

Notice how 'yellow' the chickens are in VN! Here in Australia, the chicken are white as!!! Free range chicken tastes the best in VN but becareful these days since the bird Flu is around again :-(

Godknows said...

Hi Dzung,
Thanks for checking and leaving comment in my blog. Yes, I agree about the color and quality of the chicken in Viet Nam but roasted chicken thighs aren't bad in Aus. I tried those when I was there in May and Melbourne is beautiful too :)

dzung said...

Let me know next time you're in Melbourne!!!
Your blog is exellent and it makes me miss VN very much. I also like your blogs of Nha Trang since my wife is from there......Keep up the good work! cheers!!!!

Godknows said...

Hi Dzung,
Sure i will contact you if I ever have another chance to go there. Where are you from in Viet Nam?

Dzung said...

G'day Godknows :-)
I was born in Baria Vung Tau but am living in Melbourne at the moment. Next time you're in town, pls let me know.
p.s next time you're in NT, pls blog Chieu Anh 2 Restuarant. thanks!