Sunday, July 09, 2006

Architecture in Thanh Hoa Province

Sam Son Thanh Hoa

The architecture in this sea side resort town, Sam Son, is a bit hard for me to describe. The styles are all over the place with some influence from the French and a lot of modern hotels wich are a bit ugly.

Sam Son Thanh Hoa

Hotels and government company buildings are built not following any specific design and some of the color combinations are awful. I was surprised that there were so many hotels and guest houses in such a small area and not much thought about planning.

Sam Son Thanh Hoa

I think some of these buildings follow the Soviet style and have been there for years and it's interesting to know that some people still prefer that style instead of new modern tall buildings.


Unknown said...

You really make me want to add Vietnam to my 'someday' travel list. And when we finally get there, I will bring all of your restaurant and food recommendations! Thanks so much - Carmon

Anonymous said...

Soviet style? This is the term that I hear very often, especially from the oversea anti-VN crowd who are not even architects but love to talk about building styles in Viet Nam. If a real architect says that some building follows a Soviet style, then he or she clearly has the authority to make such a statement, but from a person who who works in the hospitality industry, well, you might have to provide an explanation to show us your understanding of what makes a building a "Soviet-style building."

black feline said...

love the last building...the design has so much character!

Van Cong Tu said...

Mr Not an Architect - On my blog, I have the authority to comment on anything I please.

ремонт и смета said...

It can't really have effect, I believe this way.