Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Fish Rolls, Hoang Ty Restaurant

Hoang Ty

My sister and her friends took me to this place and I was confused about the name because on the sign it said Trang Bang and I don't know what Trang Bang actually is. At this very busy local restaurant they serve a variety of food but by the way people were ordering, I reckon steamed snake head fish rolled in rice paper with over 10 different veggies is the most popular dish here. They also serve a special long round noodle with pork or pigs feet or normal noodles with Thac Lac fish.

Hoang Ty- Banh Trang Trang Bang Ca Loc

The food was good but as usual with local restaurants the atmosphere was really noisy. I think it was worse than usual because it was June 1st, which is Childrens' Day in Vietnam. Lots of screaming kids running around.

Hoang Ty- Banh Trang Trang Bang

At the finish of our meal, we only paid 270.000Vnd for six people, which included a few beers, soft drinks and dessert. I thought they had made a mistake but it was right. Another good thing about popular local food shops like this is that you don't need to make any reservations :)

Hoang Ty- Banh Trang Trang Bang

Banh Canh Tan Hoang Ty
106 Cao Thang Dist 3
Ho Chi Minh City


GoingGlobal said...

The food looks really good! However, I am not to fond of pig's feet!

black feline said...

snake head fish is good for healing...I love it with chinese herbs done the double boiled method!

allsun said...

Hi there,
Nice photos you have! Thanks for sharing, mmm, I'm missing the food back home so much. By the way, "Trang Bang" is the name of a small town in South Vietnam.


Your photos of food makes me hungry all the time.

Bear Bear said...

one of the good things about your website is you always give the address of the restaurant...
Thanks a lot!!!

Anonymous said...

Trang Bang is a town in Tay Ninh province. It's famous for Banh Canh Trang Bang as you described as "long round noodle with pork"

Rhiannon said...

Oh don't you know! Pigs feet are great for producing great breast milk! And the taste great too! ANH OI! STOP with the food pictures! All I want to do is EAT! And I can't get there to do it! Oh the pain!!!!

Van Cong Tu said...

allsun,ThinkingVN: Yes, you're right.
Lacie , yes and i love it so much
Thnks for all comments

Beach said...

I was in Hanoi last week but could not find time to stop by to say hello but I will try this restaurant in Saigon. Thanks for the tip.

Sandy Hatcher-Wallace said...

I think it's great the way you post the address of the restaurants so that people can find them easily.

Lazy Bee said...

I am definitely referencing your places to eat when I visit VN next year. Whose need Lonely Planet Travel Guide when you gave wonderful photos and descriptions for various places!

Van Cong Tu said...

thanks, This is a good place and cheap. Hope to see you guys in Hanoi soon

Anonymous said...



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