Sunday, July 22, 2007

Food In Malaysia

Stir fried noodle

I realized that Malaysians think food is like sport by the way they talk together. They talk about food all the time. I understand now that Malaysia is a country of food. You can try all types of great food here from Western to Asian. I was very surprised about how may KFC and MacDonalds there are around Malaysia and they seem to be popular. These fast food restaurants are always busy! I wonder why they love fast food while they have hundreds of fantastic options available.

Chicken omellete with beans

I did make a dumb choice for one of my meals, however. I had a chicken omelette with beans for my breakfast at the shopping center while I was waiting for my mother and sister. It was horrible and afterwards, I couldn't believe that I chose it. It was supposed to include a cup of tea but my tea never came. I should've known before that never eat anything in a shopping center.

Indian buffet

I stayed in Malaysia for a few days and I tried so many different cuisines from local, Chinese, Indian to Muslim food. I love food so I don't mind trying new things but, to be honest, I ate too many curries of both Malaysian and Indian style. One curry was so hot that it brought tears to my eyes, at Madam Kwan's restaurant, even though I'd told the staff to make it mild. I suppose my idea of mild is different to theirs!

Grilled chiken - KL- Malaysia

I also enjoyed some great stir fried noodles and grilled chicken with sate at the local Chinese restaurants and a fantastic Indian buffet at Nasi Kandar Penang. All in all, there's a lot to choose from in Malaysia.


Sanja Cilic said...

chicken and beans? iiijahhh

junebee said...

Mmm the chicken satay looks good.

Anonymous said...



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