Thursday, July 19, 2007



This is the second time I've been to Singapore and I think it's just too organized and too clean for me. Of course, Singapore is a really nice city for shopping and very secure but I feel it's a bit boring.

Buildings in Singapore

All that I could see were tall buildings and people walking past really fast and hardly anyone talking together or smiling like in Vietnam or some other Asian countries. Maybe Singapore people are too busy with work and always on the move?

Shopping in Singapore

Most Asian people who come to Singapore love it because it's really modern and there are so many shopping centers which they don't have in their own countries.


Anonymous said...

goddamn fucking communist bastard.

Buddhist with an attitude said...

Fuck you! I mean the coward anonymous.

Preya said...

Chao anh Tu,
Em cung nghi la Singapore qua sach! nhung em rat thich an "Ice Kachang" (giong nhu Che). Yes, 10 more months! Hopefully back to Hanoi but I have no idea yet:)

Around the World said...

Further to your query about your site's entry in our guide, you are listed under Nha Trang, the city where you are based. See

Sanja Cilic said...

singapore booring?hard to belive.. Love youre blog.keep posting..

junebee said...

I like your posts about small restaurants and food stalls. I'm glad you didn't post about shopping centers. I heard Singapore's laws are really strict. People are probably afraid to smile.

black feline said...

they are burdened by high costs of living...tourists will definitely enjoy the short and shop and shop...frankly as a singaporean, i am yearning for a day we can "emancipate ourselves from mental slavery" Bob Martley

ndhaniya said...

it's just too... sructured. seems a little unreal- like there's a thin film separating everyone.
i'm malaysian btw- it's no bed of roses here either. but the saying familiarity breeds comtempt? it works both ways i think.

like the blog =)

Anonymous said...

hah! you've just about summarized singapore- fast walking with hardly any smiles.

problem with singapore is- you've got to cultivate a whole variety of interests so that it will not be boring in this city state.

i've lived in many countries, and i still prefer singapore as a sanitized city. it's so small that every glaring detail is magnified 10times.

so long we don't start discussing politics and laws. :)

Van Cong Tu said...

Thanks for all comments. Have a good day

Anonymous said...

Hey mate,
when were you in Singapore?

too organized and too clean? yes, i love my home to be this way :D

looks like you're not too used to pace of typical city lifestyle.

if all you think is shopping in Singapore, it will bore you eventually.

But if you have interests in city gardens & landscaping, arts & cultural (there are always ongoing exhibitions) & music (I don't mean those pop music), modern building. perhaps you may find something you like here.

cheers ....kjltuif

Van Cong Tu said...

Hi kjltuif,
I was there last month, I did enjoy visiting city garden, parks and I think i will post somethings like that in the next post. Have a good day.

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