Saturday, July 07, 2007

Transportation In Malaysia

As I mentioned in the previous post, Malaysia is a really modern city and they have great transportation system. It helped me so much to travel around KL. I used the 'Hop On Hop Off' bus for my city tour. I paid only R$38 for the whole day! The bus also provided head phones with recorded information about all of the stops. You can get off the bus at any stop and get back on 45 minutes later.

Hop on hop off, Malaysia

Traveling around KL by taxi is not a good idea at all because of the cost, especially from the airport. There are quite a few different levels of taxi for you to choose from budget taxi up to deluxe. I took the premier taxi - a very old Mercedes - and it cost R117 which is over $30 and I couldn't even wind the window down. But it is possible to make a deal with the taxi driver for long distance trips or even inside the city. A friend told me that later.

Bus in KL, Malaysia

The normal bus system is another good option for getting around KL. They provide big buses with air conditioning, which are clean and comfortable. For less than a dollar that you can travel from one place to another. The local bus from KL to Melaka was really nice and there was plenty of leg room and it was a pleasant trip. But I wasn't happy with the mean bus driver from Maleka to Singapore at all. He was so rude by the way he spoke to everyone but the trip was fine. Thank god I made it to Singapore.

Bus in KL, Malaysia

The sky train is also a great to get around KL for both day time or in the evening. It's really clean and not really fast so I could see everything happening out the window.

All in all, the transport in KL is pretty convenient.


junebee said...

So, on the Hop On Hop Off, what are the choices of languages?

Van Cong Tu said...

There are quite a few option for you to chooce but not Vietnamese hehe. Fapanese, English, French, maybe Korean too.

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