Sunday, August 28, 2005

Leng keng

Everyday at about 5 Pm, you can hear the noise "leng keng" from the street that is the rubbish hour. Not like in Australia or other countries around the world where there are rubbish trucks which mechanically pick up. In Viet Nam we still have to do it by hand, put it in a small push cart, then transfer it to another big truck and send it to the tip out of town. We still don't have any rules about public sanitation so there are lots of people throwing things anywhere they feel like even in schools and hospitals.

There are some places in Viet Nam where the local peoples' committee are trying to appeal to the public to keep some districts clean but only in small areas. They have put some warning boards on the street or have written a notice on walls that threaten to fine people who litter 200,000Vnd, but I don't think it's scaring anybody. This is just raising awareness. This is a big problem in Viet Nam, because awareness is still very low. They don't care about the environment and they don't think pollution affects them or other peoples' health.


Preya said...

Hi, I remember these garbage collectors from when I lived in Ha Noi. My grandmother used to lower our garbage into the carts via a rope from our kitchen window!

Also, I noticed that you are getting a lot of spam comments. In your blogger menu, go to "settings" and then "comments" and activate "word verification" to stop these.

Van Cong Tu said...

Hi Preya,
Thanks for checking my blog and leaving me good advice