Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Why don't you?

No surprise when you come to Viet nam, cheap food, friendly people and especially that you can try a cheap haircut on the street which only costs you less than $1 or $3 in the shop with shampoo and ears clean. If you able to walk around in the old quarter, there are heaps of street barber shops which they are able to speak a little bit English, but most of them can’t speak English but they might speak French. Vietnamese people who lived in the north during the war spoke French really well but people from the south speak better English, is that strange? If you spend sometime reading through the guide book, you will realize why.

The Barber might not listen to what you say but when they’ve done their job, you may be surprised how good they are, of course they deserve some more for tip. Most of foreigners who come to Vietnam for the first time or even the ex-pat, they love to try this service not because its cheap, because of they are cool and good job! Why don’t you try it?


Anonymous said...

Hi Tu

I was fascinated by the street barbers when I first came to Vietnam. I still find it amazing that they will set up almost anywhere as long as they can find somewhere to hang there mirror. I wrote to one of my friends in Australia about them and he wrote back saying that he could not imagine anything better than sitting on the roadside getting your hair cut and watching the world go by. Much more exciting than inside a salon.

I only wish they would cut girls hair but don't much fancy having them put those long stick thingies in my ear!

Nice post


Van Cong Tu said...

Hi Kate,
Thanks for leaving a nice sweet comment about my post, that's very kind of you. I think those girls in my street have cut for women too which i saw the other day. But i am sure that wouldn't be a good idea for you to do it. Ears need to be cleaned like your body girl, Let's try it and let me know. That's VietNam and I love it :)

Van Cong Tu said...

Je ne pas parlez francais