Friday, September 09, 2005

A Friend's Wedding

Today, I went to my colleague, Cảnh's wedding in Thái Bình, over 110 kms away from Hà Nội. The Meal at the bridegroom's home started at 9am and we finished at about 12. After our meal, Cảnh went to the bride's house to pick up and bring the bride to his home. It was a shame that we couldn't go to see the bride because we all had to go back to Hanoi for work but we enjoyed the meal and the warm reception from Cảnh's family.

The people who were invited gave the Cảnh and his new wife money not gifts, like in the past. Another thing is that in Viet Nam we don't send a list of gifts that we need to our friends. Fifty thousand dong is a normal amount to contribute but it also depends on what your relationship is to the couple. In the countryside, people sometimes give from twenty thousand dong up to a few hundred thousand dong.

The food was delicious and included stir fried Cat with chilli and lemongrass, steamed Veal with sesame, boiled Dog meat, Pork and mushroom cooked with vermicelli broth, boiled pork tongue, liver and stomach, Stir fried Carp with onion and tomato sauce, Deep fried chicken. "Bánh Dầy", a special cake made from rice for the cover and ground green bean in the centre, and water melon were for dessert. Hanoi beers, soft drinks, rice wine was provided in plenty around the house for everyone to toast the happy couple's future.

Cảnh looked so happy and we all wish him the best with his new life.

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