Saturday, September 24, 2005

Pavement Pounders (Part 4)

At Christmas and New Year, you can see lots of kids trying to sell fake Christmas tree decorations, hats, gloves, and little father Christmases... And lucky money envelopes, cards and coloured lamp-shades for the new year. The profit depends on whether they have a lucky day. Somedays, they are able to sell hundreds of these trinkets per day but some days just a few. This seems an easier job than other pavement pounders as they don't need to carry any heavy things except the branch of a tree on their bike.

I wonder how many kids do this kind of business on these special occasions to make extra money for their holidays. By the way they talk and look, they seem to really enjoy doing this stuff themselves and selling it, and sometimes they donate it to some organization for charity. What a nice thing to know!

To be continued

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