Thursday, January 12, 2006

Khuc Cake

Sliced shoulder cut pork meat, green bean paste and pepper are mixed up in the middle of this Khuc cake. The outside is a mixture of bean and, of course, sticky rice. The process is pretty simple: make some sticky rice, form a ball with the pork and beans mix and shape the stickyrice around the ball.

This dish is very famous in the Dong Xuan market area in Hanoi and the best time to eat it is winter. It is sold near the end of Hang Duong Street with a very simple sign. They sit right on the pavement with a huge pot full of Khuc cake sticky rice.

At only 4000Vnd/serve, that's your dinner, delicious and cheap. You can even order via telephone or mobile as well for free delivery and they also cater for parties at special rates. Try it out!


FooDcrazEE said...

i havent try this b4. Maybe i should learn how to cook it. Any recipe, bro ?

Edith said...

I stumbled onto your blog while visiting foodcrazee's.

Didn't realised that Hanoi is such interesting place. I was stuck there for three whole weeks (didn't venture out coz' afraid of language barrier and didn't know how to ride a bike).

But looking through your blog, I realised that I missed out a lot.

Gia-Gina said...

I would love to try this dish, I am used to my parents cooking and they are from the south of Vietnam.

Winn said...

Dont think we can find this in the local vietnamese restaurant here in m;sia :)

Van Cong Tu said...

I know this is hard to find this dish out of Viet Nam, Just only famous in Hanoi especially in winter.
Foodcrazee: Sorry, I dont really Know the recipe.
precious moments : Welcome to Hanoi then!!!
Gia-gina: I didn't realize that your parents' from Viet Nam

The Dormitory Boys said...

Man are we hungry, and it is all your fault!

Thanks for visitng our blog, Godknows! Have a nice weekend!

krisTi said...


Thao said...

I've tried something similar. But then again, I love anything with sticky rice in it.


Anonymous said...

there are lots of Vietnamese food at Asian shop but I don't understand anything because the covers use Vietnamese language, the food sound delicious, but I unfortunately dont know how to make one and what the food is made by (whenever I saw the pack at the shop). The only thing I know is kind of Vietnamese snack and we called it vietnamese loempia, is usually being sold at the market hehe

..·:.**.:·..HomY_n_JunE..·:.**.:·.. said...

Lan dau tien minh an banh khuc la do 1 nguoi ban lam.Mon nay xuat xu tu mien Bac,rite?:)Ngoai pork meat minh thay con co' mô.c nhi~'s really delicious..breakfast,lunch,dinner minh deu thay okie het :p
Ha Noi co nhieu mon qua`vat la'm...Minh co nghe noi den ô mai sâ'u nhung chua nem bao gio ca..Do you have a picture of that? n i don't know how we call "ô mai" in english :D
Thx in advance.

Van Cong Tu said...

Are you Viet? nice to know somebody comment in Viet to me- cheers for that!!!

anonymuis: I know, its hard isn't it? I saw that when I was In Melb.

The Dormitory Boys: thanks for your comment, congrats to you to be on blogs of note.

thao the cow: I love sticky rice as well.
thanks all for comments

Phil O. Sophia said...

free delivery? to the USA?

Van Cong Tu said...

Hi Demi Ray,
Maybe yes but i need to see you in Viet Nam first :)

lhnkhang said...


I cite your entry on my blog. Plz come and see:

Anonymous said...

Hi Godknows,
Is the veggie you posted = khuc leaves?

Thank you,