Saturday, February 25, 2006

Ho Chi Minh Museum

Ho Chi Minh museum in Ho Chi Minh city is the only museum that interested me, which shows many of the things that remain of Uncle Ho from the war.

All of the pictures and objects here are explained clearly with information on the side of each that helps people to understand them clearly.

Besides all of the guns, tanks and radios, this museums exhibits lots of very interesting things from coal irons, fire trucks and some different cars that people used before and during the war.

I think you will not believe your eyes when you see lots of the things that Vietnamese soldiers and Vietnamese people used during the war. These resourceful people recycled enemy bullets, bombs and parts of aircraft to make fry pans, helmets, food containers and knives as well as gifts and souvenirs for friends and family.

When you visit these places, it's difficult to imagine how Vietnam survived such a terrible war. They lived under a lot of pressure but they still used to sing and play when the bombs were not dropping.

I was so glad to visit this museum as it has helped me to better understand about how hard it must have been to win the war with nothing much to work with. I dont want to make it become a huge deal in this post but I am so proud about being Vietnamese.


totenkuchen said...

Missed out on that one, #263 in the draft lottery.

I haven't gotten to see much of the orient beyond Korea and the Philippines. Both were pretty interesting places. I would like to visit Singapore some day. I worked with one of their squadrons - they werre nice folks and had a real blend of foods, Indian and oreintal. They had some excellent curries.

Peter said...

Nice site you have here. As A Vietnamese living in Canada, your site is very good for me to see what's happening in Vietnam.

fooDcrazEE said...

u should be proud of ur own heritage....i know i am proud to be a malaysian chinese




dondon009 said...

Thanks for sharing some of your culture!

I love visiting your site........ you always post something new and interesting!


scavengercites said...

these pics are wonderful. for those of us who are rusty on vietnamese history, could you tell us a bit about Ho Chi Minh?
and thnx for stopping by, keep visiting. :)

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Maddy said...

I loved the phones!

slurp! said...

you should be proud. after visiting cu chi, i'm simply amazed how resourceful & intelligent are your people.

Thao said...

Sure, every VNese should be proud of being Vnese because it's our root and heritage, but about winning the war with not a lot of things, I am not so sure. That is to take into accounts the number of Vnese who died in the war and the Americans...I guess the spirit of Vnese in chaos is really strong and united, unfortunately, I doubt a bit that it's not the same in peace time (historically speaking)

Kelvin said...

Kia Ora Tu, from NZ !!! Its easy to see that you have the talent to take "photographs" of anything !!!
I have started "another blog" !!! My 10th called "world recipes". I have listed your blog but would welcome a recipe from you.
Take care & keep taking photos !!!

a Blogger said...

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Anonymous said...

Your country has surely risen from the ruins of the war and it is amazingly so progressive.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful heritage.

Trailady said...

Very interesting post. I don't know much about Vietnam- except that before I was born, my country fought there & it was very bad. Thanks for posting the pictures. :o)

Crystal said...

Vietnam went through so much conflict and clearly emerged victorious, so you really do have a lot to be proud of! Many Westerners "forget" to visit the museums when they go to SE Asia and instead focus on temples etc., but when I go to that region of the world I would most definitely be sure to hit the museums too. Interesting stuff...

BTW, I've been following this story of a couple doing a Grand World Tour, and they are in Vietnam now. The last several posts have been about Vietnam and it's neat getting the outsiders perspective of you country: Global Roam

sttropezbutler said...

As you should be!


Di Nuovo (Editor) said...

Your pics are quite interesting too.
Thanks for visiting our group's blog... At the moment we are a bit idle, trying to find new creativeness!

squish said...

Sorry I've been busy. This conflict was a confusing and awful time for both countries. I glad that somehow that peace came. At least for Viet Nam. So many people gave there lives to find a solution, both solders, peace activists and regular civilians. Thank goodness that there can be an end to war and conflict.


Anonymous said...

Almost 3 millions Vietnamese died as a result of the Americans'invasion. But if it wasn't from the help of friendly countries like Soviet Union, China, and others, Viet Nam couldn't have achieved it independence. Don't ever forget that.

Godknows said...

Hi Anonymous, all Vietnamese appeciate the help given to us by those countries.
slurp!, I really am!!!
Crystal, I know, if you ever come here, I will show you around.

Anonymous said...

3 million lives wasted for what? Define independence? Does it mean you can command your own destiny. You will never be independence until you are financially independence, being poor you will always under other influences. In one form or another Vietnam was always a colony of either capitalist or soviet/communist. Not long ago your country under the Soviet master, everyone’s dirt poor, your newpapers acknowledge this, read Tuoi Tre
Now you follow the Chinese, improving a bit but still light years behind.
Incidentally, why the Soviet and all other communist friends are disappeared? Don’t forget you are the poorest nation in the world and you have no say in how your future will be, ask why.

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Ho Chi Minh Museum is one the most tourist destination in Vietnam.

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