Thursday, February 23, 2006

Pan Fried Young Tofu

You might think that this is just normal tofu which people sell in the market. I can guarantee that this is one of the greatest vegetarian dishes that you could ever try. It takes time to make this tofu but it's worth it for special occasions. Check out the following recipe.

Rice powder : 2 bowls
Green bean :300gr
Corn flour:1 bowl
Tofu :5 pieces
Black mushroom :300gr
Onion : 2
Water :20 bowls
Oyster sauce, soya sauce, Knorr powder, pepper, oil.

How to make:
Black mushroom, onion: chopped finely
Green bean : cooked then ground.
Put all together and mix up, cook until all the moisture has almost evaporated. Scoop out into a tray, divide them into small square pieces and store in the freezer. Take them out and deep fry, at first over a low heat after covering them lightly in flour. Turn the heat up slowly once they are browned slightly. Must be eaten hot and crispy with soya sauce(chili).

This is a really special vegetarian dish that everyone loves at Wild Rice, especially foreigners.


sunkissed said...

Yum yum tofu! I love tofu and other soy products. Will try this soon. Right now, I am craving for tofu chips, it's a good alternative to potato chips. Hope all is well with you in Hanoi. I so miss Vietnam!

Vagabonder said...

hmm, have never tried out this tofu in VN, and it's not made from soja beans?

I will try to make this tofu dish,one small question, when you say "bowl', did you mean "bowl" that we use to eat rice or it is "cup" measuring? Thanks

black feline said...

back home in singapore...the yong taufu meal is an assortment of mainly vegetables (cooked or uncooked) such as bittergourd (sliced), brinjal (sliced) with taufu as well etc..stuffed with minced fish meat...the dish is eaten dry or with a yellow bean stock soup..and with noodle added in..voila! a complete meal!love it!


Aha! another recipe. Think I'll have to open a folder for the recipes you've been sharing.

GoingGlobal said...

Yummm! It looks so good...I will just have to try it. I love pan fried tofu, but have never had this version.

krisTi said...

thats soo unique...never had something like that before. i usually just eat tofu fried with sauce ha!! mMm..all this food is making me want to come to vietnam for just that :)

Maddy said...

Jeepers - that looks fantastic.
What sauces could it be served
with as well?

Morningdew said...

Hi, thanks for dropping by at my site! Yours is cool and I'm going to try out your recipes once I have time. BTW, Vietnam is on my waiting list for countries I want to visit. I want to go to Hoi An :-)

FooDcrazEE said...

there's a lot we can do with tofu...mixed them up with various ingredients and then shape them and coat with flour. Urs is kinda new to me...might try if my MIL likes them..lolz

Ive said...

Thanks for stopping by my site and leaving a comment.Before I started making pottery I was a profesional chef, Danish and French cuisine, can't wait to try out some of your recipes.It all looks so good on the pictures!! You really have a love for food.

Fahd Mirza said...

wow, what a blog, when I havent even seen food for 8 hours, because I am stuck in office.

Furkids in Hong Kong™ said...

That sure looks yummy!

Thanks for the pics VG.

Buddhist with an attitude said...

Dear God, could you please contact me on my email address: kwanyin47 at hotmail dot com. I need to ask you something. Thank you.

Aarya said...

The food looks so good, but i dont think, we will get tofu and these special ingredients in Kerala..Thanks for sharing

Nabeel said...

i think your food blog is really great .. you find so many types of dishes here

Van Cong Tu said...

This is one of the most special dishes in my restaurant and I think not many places have this dish.
Thao, a normal bowl for eating.
Madelyn, soya sauce or fish sauce are both fine.
Morningdew, Hoi An is such a beautiful city but dont forget Nha Trang, even better!!!

slurp! said...

the name sounds like something different we have in singapore. well we called it Yong Tau Fu, Tau Fu = Tofu. it's basically, fish paste with tofu, chilli, bitter gourd etc etc

Young Tofu looks yummy as well, i think it will taste great with sweet sauce as dipping as well :)

Anonymous said...

Hey God, long time no chat....your site is looking fantastic. Just when we were starting to get over our home sickness for Hanoi and u had to go ahead and post the recipe for our favourite food - yaaaaaaaaay.Thanks so much... will be trying to make ourselves soon yuuuuuuummmmmmmmmm. miss u heaps
Shev n Jo
GO pan fried young tofu *_*

mybabybunny said...

oh...this looks really yummy.....yum yum

Van Cong Tu said...

Hi Shev and Jo,
Glad to recieved your comment, it means a lot to me :). I hope I can go back Melb next year in christmas time. We all miss you heaps!!!

Space babe said...

Dear God, my foodie blog-friend Lisa and I are debating whether the green bean are those small green bean the Chinese (maybe also other Asians) often use in sweet soups in summer, they are supposed to have a cooling effect, as opposed to red beans.

Because I first read it as "green peas"...

Space babe said...

Dear God, unfortunately I only speak three languages, but I can almost read French.

Van Cong Tu said...

Space babe, Thansk for your comment

Anonymous said...

hey hey!

thanks for the incredible recipe.
i'll start making this tofu as soon as I get my hands on the ingredients!

Always glad to see people in love with TOFU as much as I do!

Please visit my website and provide some of your recipes there.
I've dedicated it to tofu. :) thanks!

it's at

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Unknown said...

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Vietnam tours said...

Wow, delious. I like food