Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Market Scenes

I arrived in Sai Gon early in the morning. I don't know why but I couldn't sleep at all. On the recommendation of noodlepie, I took myself to the Chanh Hung night seafood market.

I was so surprised about how welcoming and friendly the fishmongers are. They showed me the fish, and they even smiled for the camera , actually telling me to take pictures of everyone for fun. This impressed me a lot, as in other parts of Viet Nam people don't usually agree to having their picture taken.

Anyway, I took loads of pictures and I hope you guys like some of them.


fooDcrazEE said...

nice pic ,tu ! No pic for reunion dinner. What abt tet food ?

slurp! said...

hmmm ... does that happens only on special occassion. I find that most I meet in HCMC were usually camera-shy. Some perhaps you need to make some purchase from them before they pose for your camera :P

Winn said...


besang said...

slurp was right...It is TET. That is why ppl pose for the camera. Don't try it on normal days. Base on my experience of course.

JLB said...

The night does bring out a whole new world, doesn't it? :)

Tim Rice said...

Those are some fish. The one is almost frightening.

Godknows said...

slurp! really? they were all smiling to me, maybe I am a nice guy haha.
besang, sometimes it depends on you too mate. They seemed happy to show me about their job, and so glad that I went there.
JLB, yes, I think so.

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