Sunday, August 19, 2007

Back To Ha Long Bay

Tu - Ha Long Bay

I went back to Halong Bay for one night and two days as I was invited to be involved in some filming for an American TV show called Diary of a Foodie. I had such a great time working and relaxing, meeting new people, and enjoying the great bay view.

Ha Long Bay

We arrived in Ha Long City at about 11 am after picking up the crew at Noi Bai airport. Rob and Tom, the producers and cameramen for the show, seemed very happy to be here in the north after almost a week in the south filming about Vietnamese food. I spent lots of time taking hundreds of photos of people, boats and scenery.

Crabs - Ha Long Bay

I just love this gorgous place plus the great seafood that the tour company supplied on the boat. We had huge fish, big prawns, lots of big crabs, yummy scollops, fresh and tasty squid and of course some over-priced Chilean and Australian wines. Sorry but I love white wine and I can drink lots of it especially when I am on holiday :).

Scallops - Halong Bay

Laying on the roof of the boat with a glass of chilled wine, talking to friends about life, about the beauty of Ha Long Bay is a great way to release stress, don't you think? You can't expect anything more than that.

To be continued


tweeboowee said...

that looks sister is still on her trip there for the first time back since the fall of saigon....she is loving all of vietnam....these pictures are great.....awesome job on the blogging.

Anonymous said...

wow, your photos are so beautiful. I am so jelous.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I have a travel related question that you might be able to help me with. Is there anyway for me to email you?

Van Cong Tu said...

Hi Ping, email me to
tweeboowee, thanks. I hope your sister having a good time

Rhiannon said...

I love this place. Long time no hear! How are things? As always beautiful blogging!!

junebee said...

Ooh! You're going to be on Food TV Network? How COOL is that? Do you know when the show will air in the U.S.? Your English is so good and you love to eat at all sorts of places. You could be the Vietnamese Tony Bourdein!

Chilli Fiend said...

Van Cong Tu,
I cant thank you enough for a fantastic food tour of Ha Noi. You educated us in the delights of vietnamese street food at places we wouldnt have given a second glance!
We've been going through our pictures and smiling at the delights you presented for us to eat and drink.
If you're lucky enough to get this guy to show you round, then take everything in. He's worth his weight in saffron!