Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Kids In Ha Long Bay

Kids in Ha Long Bay

Kids in Ha Long Bay are so beautiful, they look really healthy with dark skin and a ready smile. Lots of kids in Ha Long Bay actually do business during the day and I wonder when they go to school. They paddle small floating baskets toward the big tourist boats trying to sell some snail shells, food and drink and also use their small baskets to take tourists around into the villages and visiting caves.

Girl in Ha Long Bay

I talked to a few kids in my most recent trip back there and the number of kids who go to school is only a small percentage. Their living standards are so low that they have to help their parents earn money. Don't be surprised if you see lots of very young kids controlling their basket-boats very well or swimming very fast because they've really got used to it. This is what they do almost everyday and it's also a part of their life.

Girl in Ha Long Bay

Some kids are really agressive if you don't buy from them and they will keep asking you to buy from them. It's a bit like Hoi An and Sapa when you take photos of then they expect you to buy something from them or give them some money. I usually take photos, talk to them a bit then give them some small money or get in their baskets for a ride around the bay.

Kids in Ha Long Bay

Anyway, personaly I think kids should be at home, and going to school, not hanging around trying to earn money while they are still so young. They are the future of the country and I wonder if they see their own future floating around in a basket.


tweeboowee said...

wow...great post!

Tracy said...

I love your blog- it's great to see all the wonderful food Vietnam has, and your photos are fantastic. Actually, I found it because I was searching for a recipie for fresh spring rolls and now that I've been sitting here looking through your archives I'm too hungry to bother fixing dinner...will have to go to the closest Vietamese restaurant. I live in San Diego, California so there's many to choose from. I lived in Hanoi for about 4 years back in the early 1990's...I miss it so much, so it's great to see your blog. Thanks for your thoughtful entries. Happy travels.

Van Cong Tu said...

Hi Tracy,
Glad to know you enjoy reading my blog. I appreciated that. I've pposted lots of Vietnamese recipes in previous posts and hope it can help you out espcially fresh spring rolls. Have a nice meal.

junebee said...

The kids in the top pictures look rather sad. I too think all kids should go to school, but unfortunately the poverty in many parts of the world prevents that. I feel fortunate to live in the U.S. where everyone is entitled to an education, although I realize that even here, some kids don't go to school.

Anonymous said...

It is still summer time. No wonder the kid are not in school . Beside, We have school at night in Viet Nam , don't we ? Well, even in Viet Nam, every children have the right to go to school too . Free of charge if they are poor, at night if they have to help their families during the days. But go to school or not is their choice. Vietnamese God, you are disappointed me by not knowing that and by creating a false image about Viet Nam . I lost some respects for you already .

Anonymous said...

Can you tell me about what percentage of kids actually attend school full time in Vietnam and if they have access to computers? Any other comments on the Vietnamese education system would also be appreciated. Thanks!

Van Cong Tu said...

To Mr Duy, Please face the reality. I don't mind!!!

Blogger said...

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