Sunday, August 12, 2007

Noodle Soup In Saigon

Chicken Noodle soup

Because I live In Hanoi, where pho comes from, eating noodles in Saigon is always an interesting experience. In Saigon nowadays, there are so many modern noodle shops which are nothing special but way out expensive, such as Pho 5 Sao , Pho 24 and Pho 2000. It's better to go to normal noodle soup stalls on the street or in the market where the atmosphere is from the past and the noodles are cheap. Real Vietnamese food is always found on the street even though it is sometimes not very comfortable to sit down on a low chair. But you can clearly see how the sellers prepare your bowl of noodles.

Hu Tieu

My breakfast of noodles was 5000Vnd noodle on the street near my hotel in Bui Vien street. It was super and the owner is a friendly lady who charges the same price for everyone, regardless of where the come from, foreigner or local.

Bun Mam- Fish noodle soup

If you want to try some other noodle soup, then go to Ben Thanh market where all types of great southern food is sold. It may a little bit expensive than on the street but there's no doubt about the quality. I always go to the Ben Thanh market whenever I am in Saigon.


D. said...

In my opinion, noodle soup in Saigon is so much better than Hanoi. And Ben Thanh market, while a touristy spot, is pretty reasonable in pricing for the food stalls in the middle of the market.

Any place in Hanoi that is similar to Ben Thanh - good food, street/market setting, but still somewhat comfortable?

junebee said...

My husband loves pho. We had excellent pho when we were in Canada last year. I agree, small privately owned restaurants are better than modern chain places. My husband and I always eat at ethnic family-owned restaurants. We rarely go to a chain restaurant.

I like the BIG Red pepper in that bowl!

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