Sunday, August 26, 2007

Food In Ha Long Bay

Fish broth - Ha Long Bay

During my work with the crew filming about food in Viet Nam I had the chance to meet some interesting people in the fishing villages and talk to them. Yes, they are very friendly and very sweet. I met the mayor of Cua Van fishing village and we filmed him fishing in the bay. I also met his and his relatives and talked to them about why they're living here and what's the main reason to keep them here in the middle of nowhere for generations. They told me they just love being here in Ha Long Bay, they love the ocean and they love fishing. Fishing also is the only skill that they have to bring in income and daily food.

Fish broth - Ha Long Bay

The fishermen cook their fish broth in a different way with lots of herbs, a bit of stir fried and lots of water. My mother and my sister cook fish broth alot and I just love their cooking , especially their broth which is a bit sweet from the fish, a bit sour from the herbs and a little bit salty from the fish sauce. It's a really great combination, a simple dish eaten with rice dipping the fish in fish sauce with some chilli, garlic and maybe some MSG. It's quite easy to do at home.


Anonymous said...

I went there few time too but never had a chance to eat at local house. I have to try in my next trip. Thanks Mr Viet God and keep up the good work.

consise10 said...

The whole dish looks absolutely delicious.. really does,but why do u need to add MSG ?

alan said...

Somewhere in all of this there is a tour waiting to happen...two weeks of your favorite restaurants and exploring different cuisines.


junebee said...

So will the show air in the U.S? If so on what network?

Van Cong Tu said...

I think it'll be on air in few months and on Travel and living channel.

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Thanks mate

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