Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My Bestfriend's Birthday


Gaylene and Eric are two of my best friends in Hanoi who I've known for almost 3 years now. Meeting them at the beginning was a funny story that. At another friend's birthday party, I was sitting in the ergonomic office chair moving around serving people drinks. I was offering them lots of drinks and we started a conversation and the rest is history.

Eric at Le Pub

Three weeks ago it was Gaylene's birthday which involved a frustrating story. We had dinner at Wild Lotus restaurant, one of the most beautiful restaurants in Hanoi. I had just arrived home from Nha Trang and had to rush to get to the restaurant on time. Just after we arrived, my friend Liz realized that she'd lost her money bag somewhere. We called the taxi company and Liz returned home to check. Everyone started worrying and I made many calls on Gaylene and Eric's phone - my phone had run out of money :)). Eventually Liz arrived back at the restaurant with a worried face and we knew this was not a good sign. Anyway, after 10 minutes, I recieved a call and we went downstairs to collect Liz's wallet from the generous taxi driver from Hanoi Taxi (04.8262626). We were so happy and Liz offered him $70 as a reward. What a treat!

Mark, Gaylene, Eric - Eric, Gaylene's party

We had a great meal with some New Zealand wine and beers after the drama. We ended up at Le Pub for another celebration with 2 jugs of mojitos, more beers and gin and tonics.

Gaylene and Tu  at Le Pub

Gaylene had a happy birthday and she said to everyone that she is having a good life here with good friends and a beautiful house, even though her job is a bit stressful job. She loves Viet Nam and her and Eric have decided to stay in Hanoi for a while. Happy Birthday Gaylene! All the best with luck and happiness.

PS: Sorry for updating your birthday over 3 weeks later than your special day.


Anonymous said...

Cute story:) I've heard a lot about Wild Lotus; maybe that's where I'll have my birthday in 3 weeks! I can't wait:)

Van Cong Tu said...

Hi Preya, Thanks. How long are you going to stay in Hanoi for? Wild Lotus is a beautiful restaurant and I think you'll love it.

Anonymous said...

hi Tu,

How are you there? Interesting post you have there... Havent heard from you for ages..


Welshie said...

Hi there

I found your blog by accident as I googled special restaurants in Hanoi. I am a PA in the UK and I have a delegation of 9 VIPs coming to Hanoi in early November. I wonder do you know of any top quality a la carte restaurants which have a private room for business discussions and are open at lunch time?

We have offices in Hanoi and I have asked our office manager but her english isn't too good and I worry she might not know of any restaurants.

I would appreciate your reply.



junebee said...

What an honest cab driver! He deserved the reward he got. Glad the birthday turned out well, otherwise it would have not been fun at all.

You have alot of friends, Tu.

Van Cong Tu said...

junebee, Thanks heaps.
Debbie, Please try out Wild Lotus or Wild Rice. They are really beautiful and good Vietnamese food. You also can tell them that I recommended because I used to work there as manager. Good luck and welcome to Hanoi.

Invertir en Oro said...

I found your blog by accident as I googled special restaurants in Hanoi