Sunday, August 21, 2005

Special events

This is a real special time for me and my friends using our winning quiz money, and today we are celebrating our party for a few reasons: My friend Felicity is leaving, my friend Megan has arrived in VietNam from Australia for the first time, Kate and Mark are engaged and it's Michelle's and Susie's birthdays. That's the reason why we choose Moon River for our special event. We went there about 6.30 pm and walked around, taking pictures, talking about how beautiful and peaceful it is here with cold beers and peanuts. Cold beer is good on such a hot day! My friends Kate and Mark are going to marry here in December because they can't find any better place to celebrate their important day

We wandered around the old house, bar and the garden and could not believe how much work they have put in on this place. The ceiling with old style roof looks so cool, lights on both sides along the house are just so special, and the lotus doors look amazing. We had a few beers at the bar, and we all agreed that the lotus and gladiola in gold vases just make it look unbelievably great. I am sure that you are not able to buy any artwork as beautiful as they have here.

The garden is another essential feature, which includes lotus ponds, traditional stone statues and coloured lantern lighting.

We start our meal at 8.30pm with a toast of French Champagne and the staff bring out the beautiful food in a combination plate, nicely decorated. Crispy soft shell crab, grilled king prawns with chili and lemongrass, crispy squid are all delicious, morning glory and prawns salad, Ground prawn and cashew nuts fried spring rolls, and fresh spring rolls are so yummy. After that we have grilled tuna in banana leaves, sauteed prawns with peanut and tamarind sauce, fresh asparagus in spicy sauce, stir fried morning glory with garlic and fried rice with seafood for our mains. All are delicious! We end our meal with tea, coffee and a sweet consomme of longan and lotus seeds for dessert.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the special evening full of laughter and great atmosphere. Everything here seems to be special and perfect- Best for the Best!!!

All you can do now is, give them a call or email them for further information if you are interested in getting married or having a special family meal.

Thanks to Kate and Mark Lowerson for lovely pics


Van Cong Tu said...

Hi Jc,
Thanks for checking my blog, you always look good to me mate hehehe. Happy face and fun is you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tu
I agree is terrible picture of people but the food picture made my mouth water it looks so delicious! It was an excellent party and it bought back lots of lovely memories reading about it on your blog. Miss you lots.

Van Cong Tu said...

Hi Felicity,
Glad that you got back in England safely and you seem happier now. I agreed with you about the picture but i couldn't find any better one in which i looked good in hahaha- sorry about that!!! I am sure that whenever you read anything about Viet Nam, it'll bring you fond memories in Viet Nam. I wish you all the best with wherever you are and whatever you do.

Vietnam tours said...

Wow, delious. I like Pho Cuon.