Thursday, September 29, 2005

Daily Breakfast

There are heaps of options here in Nha Trang for breakfast but you also can have many of them for your lunch or dinner. These dishes only cost you about 10,000Vnd.

Hue style Beef noodle soup is my family's choice almost every morning. I love this dish because its special, spicy and not very heavy. It's served with beef, pig's blood, pig's feet and some veggies.

There are quite a few different fish noodle soups and they are all great and cheap, at only about 7000 Vnd. One of them consists of steamed fish and fried fish cakes with long noodles and vegetables. Another one is also served with the same ingredients but with different noodles which are long and round and without veggies. Glassnoodles are also popular at some noodle stands.

Fried eggs and stewed beef with onion and carrot pickle seems like a strange choice for breakfast. You can have it with some bread if you want which can be dipped into the stewed beef sauce. We call this dish Bo La in Vietnamese and it's only available in Nha Trang. Do not miss this dish if you have the chance.

There are lots of small restaurants selling noodle soup with beef, pork, or chicken. They are all quite similar but with different vegetables. If you eat noodles with beef they would serve you lots of different herbs, salad and fresh or cooked bean shoot and green onion with some black sauce and chilli sauce mixed with fresh lime. Chicken and pork noodle soups are served with only mint and beanshoots.

My Quang is another noodle choice for your breakfast. It's served with a very special and colorful yellow thin noodle, with cooked beanshoots, fish cake, dried onion, dried pig fat, crushed peanuts on the top, vegetables and very nice stock. And of course, do not forget to add some more chilli. This is Quang Nams' special dish.

Steamed rice pancakes called Banh Beo is a nice small dish which is served with dried shirmps, dried pork crackling, a little bit of sugar and spicy fish sauce. Banh Hoi is a really nice thin mixture of noodles which are served the same way as Banh Beo but tastes slightly different. Make sure to ask for extra crispy crackling which makes the difference. Called Banh Nam, another steamed rice pancake is cooked with minced shrimp, pepper, dried onion, and served with the same fishy sauce as the other steamed rice pancake. There is a vegetarian Banh Nam as well which is cooked with green beans. Banh Xeo is another kind of steamed rice pancake but I prefer them a little bit crispier than usual. It's cooked with bean shoot, shrimps, squid, and small quail eggs, served with vegetables and a sweet, spicy fish sauce, which is yummy.

Ninh Hoa Spring rolls is such a super dish which you have to roll with your own hands. It comes with heaps of different veggies, crispy rice paper and long sticks of grilled pork. Dip in an orange sauce after adding some pickled shallots and carrots, cucumber, green mango and star fruit. There are two different chili sauces, and I think you should try some sweet chilly sauce if you can't eat really spicy sauce or mix them together. But before you try rolling your own Nem, you should try some Nem chua which are delicious. You have to unwrapp all the leaves to eat just a small roll inside made from pork. This is the best dish in Nha Trang which has been really famous in this city for years.


Anonymous said...

This is a great entry. Love the effect you've created with the signs at the top. Really need to get down to Nha Trang to get into some of that cuisine. It looks and sounds fantastic. Good one, pal

Van Cong Tu said...

Hi Sticky,
Glad that you like my job.

Harry said...

My wife and I will be heading to Vietnam next month for a three week trip. I cannot wait to check out ALL of these wonderful places you recommend. Do you mind if I email you with a few questions?


Van Cong Tu said...

Hi Harry,
Thanks for checking my blog.Email me to

Anonymous said...

great post!

Goldwind said...

i m a chef student, now we having a function. i have to come out v a Vietnamese cuisine menu. which is 3 breakfast,3 salad,3 soup,3 sandwich and 3 main course. can u give me some menu and recipies? if can pls send it to my email

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