Monday, April 16, 2007

Grilled Intestine

Long nuong

Don't vomit when you see my photos in this post. I am sure someone may feel offended but you might be converted if you ever try it for once in your life. What I'm talking about is grilled pig intestine with sate', honey dipped in chilli sauce, served with some vegetables, cucumber and mint.

Long nuong

I tried this awsome dish at a great place last week with my friends and I realized that I will come back for more. This is a good dish to drink beer or a special soya milk wine with. Soya milk wine? Strange? Yes, this is the first time I've ever heard about it. I don't really know how it's made from basically I guess it is a mixture of soya milk and rice wine because it's a little bit sweet and easy to swallow. But do not drink too much because you will get drunk easily and it takes a long time to recover.

Long nuong

This place is owned by a middle-aged lady who is really friendly and smokes like a chimney. Her staff is also really nice. She told me that she opened this place last August and it's running really well. She only opens in the evening and most of her customers are local and young and they drink lots of soya milk wine but eat much less than me haha.

Long nuong- banh my

If still hungry, then order a few grilled bread rolls with honey which is hot and yummy, or some mango and other fresh fruit from the serving table.

Long nuong

You have to sit on the pavement, on low plastic chairs and tables right next to the railway bridge. The train goes through during the meal but that's adds to the atmosphere of this place.

33 Hang Giay Street


Chen said...

The grilled intestine doesn't look appealing nor appetizing :)

Buddhist with an attitude said...

I love pha lau! Never heard of soya milk wine, but it sounds delicious too. So much food to try, so little time!!! :-(

imp said...

love it!!!

D said...

I have no qualms with eating intestines. I'm sure I'll love this!

junebee said...

I won't critisize what people eat. People have had to learn to eat all sorts of things throughout history to survive.

Anonymous said...

Vietnamese food is great. Some of it is not for the average American fast food junkie...but if your open to new experiences, get to a PHO restaurant now. said...

In my opinion everyone must look at it.

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online pharmacy said...

It looks more disgusting that I thought that it would be. Probably I wouldn't eat it but we don't know until we try a little bit. The goal is to avoid to throw out.