Sunday, April 22, 2007

May - Cloud Restaurant

May Cafe

My friend, Hoang invited me out for lunch at his favorite restaurant which is out of town. I have been past here quite a few times but have never noticed this cafe. It's a beautiful old wooden traditional Vietnamese-style house, with a small garden with lots of bamboo and other imitation trees but it does look good.

May Cafe- Pho Xao

This restaurant is located on a busy street but it's really quiet because the restaurant is behind a big wooden door and you can sit in the garden below or on the second floor inside the entrance. My recommendation is choose a table in the garden, right next to the fountain. It's great on a really hot day.

May Cafe

We chose fried rice and stir fried noodle for a quick lunch. The food is quite tasty with very nice presentation which I always notice. The best thing about this place is that it's a small and simple menu with reasonable price and friendly family service and quiet so that we can chat without the screaming like in some other places.

May Cafe-Com rang

May Restaurant
1073 De La Thanh Street
04. 2662198


junebee said...

Whether my day is good or bad, I always look forward to checking out this blog.

That food looks fantastic.

Anonymous said...

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Nguyet, Do Van said...

A very charming blog, which I am trying to find in the blogging world in VN about the life, eating, drinking, going-out... here. And lovely to read your reflection on Hanoi :)

I need to correct your title of this post: May stands for Luck, not Cloud. The owner of the house and owner(s) of the cafe/restaurant were "lucky" to find the place.

And it seems to me the May reduced its service ranges. And 2 months ago I went there twice but found it closed :(

Van Cong Tu said...

Van Nguyet, Really? I need to find out. Thanks

Vietnam tours said...

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