Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Cool Chicken Gruel

With over 18 years selling chicken porridge in the noon time and busy most of the time, this place is quite well known in Hà Nội. Even though she has a hard face, the owner is quite friendly when you talk to her.

The dish is good for you anytime of the year, but it is actually better in the winter when we need hot food. There are a few options for you to choose such as: chicken porridge only, or with egg, with heart, kidney or liver. She serves it with some chopped onion, chopped perilla, and sawleaf, adding some chilli, pepper and some "Quẩy"(bread).

A bowl only costs you about 10,000Vnd which is just enough for your lunch, and don't forget to try from this lady in Phát Lộc lane just on the corner of Hàng Bè and Hàng Bạc street.


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I wonder if you have the recipe for Vietnamese bread!

Vietnam tour said...

I like "Cool Chicken Gruel", deslious

Vietnam travel guide said...

I like food, thank you!