Saturday, October 29, 2005

Architecture In Hanoi

The artful mixture of colors and houses in Hanoi makes this place so beautiful. French colonial and art-deco architecture with mostly yellow paint are the most impressive.

The long tube houses in Hanoi may make you surprised about how it is possible to live in such tiny holes but that's the way it is in Viet Nam because we say, " Land is Gold".

In addition, you can see some big Soviet-style buildings such as the Hanoi railway station and the post office. Many of the pagodas and temples have been influenced by Chinese architecture.

Some rich Hanoians who live around West Lake in nice big villas. This is a really quiet area but very expensive and secure.

In Hanoi, the basic house consists of the first floor, which is a welcome room, the second floor has bed and bathrooms and the drying room for hanging the clothes is on the top. However, do not be surprised if you see Vietnamese people hanging clothes in front of their houses or on the electric lines.


layered said...

Tu, I always enjoy the quality of your photographs. The bottom photo is a very fine house. Does your description of the basic house fit the typical tube house flats as well? Even though the tube houses are very narrow, they are long and the one's I have seen often have very pleasant light wells or courtyards.
Mel (

Van Cong Tu said...

Hi Overlain,
Yes, the tube house has the same structure. Are you still coming to Hanoi?

layered said...

Tu, I am sorry that it looks like we will settle in Ho Chi Minh City in the new year since that is where my client will develop our first projects. I will look forward to business trips to Hanoi, though.
-- Mel (

Vietnam tours said...

It is a beautiful and unique architecture.

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