Saturday, October 29, 2005

The Cake That Drifts In Water

My body is both white and round.
In water I may sink or swim.
The hand the kneads me may be rough,
But I still shall keep my true-red heart.

This is one of the most famous desserts or sweet cakes in Hanoi which is perfect for those who love sweets. It is a winter sweet and we actually call it Chè or Bánh Trôi Tàu.

The round dessert is made from rice flour with sliced coconut and green bean in the middle. Another kind is similar but with black sesame paste cooked and covered in a syrup of tapioca stock. Luc Tau Xa is made from green bean, lotus seed and some slice of mandarine peel, this is a bit sweeter than other but still very yummy.

Go to Hàng Giy and try Trôi Tàu Cake at Phạm Bng's shop between 3.30Pm and 10.30Pm. It is delicious.


Anonymous said...

hey there,

you quoted one of my favorite HXH poems! i like your pictures and commentary...keep it up!

Van Cong Tu said...

Hi Julie,
Glad that you like my little insights into life and my pictures.

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