Monday, October 03, 2005

Lost In Bars In Saigon

We went into a bar called 'Lost in Saigon' by accident on our first night in Saigon on a really special Mid Autumn festival. They celebrate the festival by providing everyone with a Moon Cake and stewed beef with bread and some wine. The staff are friendly and a bit crazy. I went back there on the same night after my dinner and they didn't allow me in because I was wearing shorts. What a shock! This is a back packers area and cheap, and because of this, I didn't go back there again.

We had a few beers and cocktails there, which were VERY cold and well-priced. Snooker's on the second floor. We went to Allez Vous bar for dinner, a nice bar with crap, expensive food. The beers and cocktails are good but the staff aren't good at communicating, which surprised me!

After our meal, we went to Saigon Bar for a couple of drinks. This seemed a good bar and they make good Vietnamese coffee and it wasn't as crowded as other bars in Ho Chi Minh City.


Anonymous said...

hey, i'm a student in high school and i'll be going to college next year, probably to study pharmacy. however, i want to take my trip to vietnam again before the year is over. i went a couple summers ago and not a day has gone by that i've thought about going back to asia. i want to spend most of my summer there. how do i get a position tutoring english? i think it'd be a great experience.

when i was there those two summers ago, i went on a tour group to some countries in asia, and i met some really cool vietnamese kids. some of them could speak english so i basically spent my trip helping them with it. one guy, i remember he spoke very little and hesitatingly at the beginning of the trip, but by the end he could understand me even while speaking english quickly and he was able to respond in english really well. i want to have that experience again.

how do i go about doing this?

Van Cong Tu said...

hi Vince
It's quite difficult to get paid teaching work in Hanoi unless you are experienced or have a CELTA certificate. Maybe you could check out the possibility of doing that course. I'm not sure if there is an age restriction on participants in the course.
Good luck.