Friday, October 28, 2005

Handy Men

House problems? No worries, just wander around the Thien Quang Lake, or Hang Bong street and you'll see lots of men with some tools and tools boxes on their bicycles, ready to help you. Another area where they wait for odd jobs is Buoi street near the Daewoo Hotel. There is a big group of them there minus bicycles. They are Hanoi's handy men.

Most of them are from the countryside around Hanoi and they came to the city hoping to earn more money than where they were. But life in the big city is not what they thought, and they will do any kind of odd job that they can to help their family.

Bargaining is a game in some cases but you have to be strong enough to get the real price with these guys, which can range from 20,000Vnd up to 200,000Vnd depending on what you want done.


Anonymous said...

We could have used one the other day when the bird was trapped beside our house. Next time we will know- thanks God Knows, I love reading these little snippets each day, they're fantastic.


Van Cong Tu said...

Hi Kate,
I think this is a very useful service which is not very expensive, and I am sure that we will need them sometimes in the future.
Thanks for such a nice comment.