Friday, October 14, 2005

Cooking Class At Wild Rice

It took us almost the whole morning to arrange the tables and the flowers. The owner of the restaurant is very strict about the decoration and he always tries to do everything in the best way.

The lesson started at 9 by showing customers to the Hôm market to explain about the food, meat, herbs and vegetables that we were going to use in the lesson. We got back to Wildrice at 10.30 and started the lesson. The chef had prepared three of the most common and delicious dishes in Vietnam, beef noodle soup (Pho Bo), spring rolls (nem)and green papaya and prawn salad.

We prefer to have a small group to ensure better quality, meaning everyone can try to make their own dishes and then they try all of their labor. After the lesson, the restaurant served them a special meal which the chef had prepared.

People seemed very interested in the lesson and hopefully they learnt some new Vietnamese dishes which they can make at their homes.

For further information, pls call Wild Rice

(84.04). 943 8896 / Fax (84.04). 943 6299

Email :

06 Ngo Thi Nham Street - Ha Noi


Anonymous said...

Does Wild Rice have an e-mail address, I will be visiting Hanoi in late November and would be interested in their calss

Van Cong Tu said...

Here is the email address

Anonymous said...

Tu, your website is so informative and very professional, keep up the great work! Tandy

Van Cong Tu said...

Hi Tandy,
Thanks for checking my blog. I hope you like my posts.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tu,

I love your blog too. I have learnt alot after reading your posts.

Anonymous said...

I have been looking for cooking classes in Hanoi and found your blog; I have emailed wild rice but I had no reply; I was wondering if the cooking class you mention was just one class or if it was part of a week programme. Can you also inform on the costs? I will be travelling next month to Hanoi and really need to plan the trip and stay. Any other suggestions you might have will be highly appreciated. Thank you. Ana

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