Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Farewell JC


I should have posted this month ago but I was so busy so that I decided to post it now. My friend Jc and Felicity came to Viet Nam for work and they were here for over a year. They said that they love Hanoi and Viet Nam. Felicity left Viet Nam last year to return to London for work and a few weeks ago it was time for JC to go back to get closer to her and be her good man.

Happy face

We went out alot together, usually about 5 to 10 of us, to enjoy a beer or two. Most of us are writing weblogs but we work in different fields. As you know, I work in a restaurant, Jc worked for a newspaper and the rest of the group are English teachers. It's a bit difficult for us in conversations sometimes due to the language barrier but I have learned alot from them and my English has improved a bit as well.

Moon River Retreat

Thank you JC and Felicity for coming to work and discovering Viet Nam and hopefully you guys will make a come back and marry here at Moon River Retreat, a place as special as you are! We all miss you.


cliff said...

Hi Tu,
Moon River Resort is a wonderful place for a wedding and it would be great to see Felicity & JC return for their wedding. We enjoyed the Xmas wedding of Kate & Mark.

Keep up the blogging, we look every week

junebee said...

Oh, you will miss your friends. It's great that they took time to really live in Vietnam and experience life.

I am reading "A Cook's Tour" by chef Tony Bourdein. He thinks Vietnam is the best place in the world and he thinks there's nothing on the planet better than a good bowl of pho.

SavorDesign said...

Hi! Finally I was wondering what brings you to blog about the food and beauty of Vietnam, whether you work there or work for someone who sent you there. =) I check in sometimes and have recommended your blog to others. Thanks for keeping me in the loop of that is happening over there. Hopefully, I can take my husband there for the first time next dec!

Godknows said...

Thanks for all comments and your encouragemnet