Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Saigon Part II 2006

Petro hotel- river side Rest

My sister and her friends invited me out for dinner at the Petrol Hotel (funny name because it's owned by Petrovietnam) along the Saigon river. We chose some really good stir fried crabs with sweet and sour tamarind sauce, mango salad with prawn and spices, stir fried tofu with chilli and lemongrass, steamed squid dipped in ginger fish sauce and the last dish is the very special Dieu Hong fish. The crab was amazing because of the tamarind mixture with sweet sauce that suits the crab meat perfectly.

Sweet and sour- tamarind sauce-petro hotel- river side restaurant

They also serve BBQ here as well which are presented beautifully on banana leaves. Just choose what you want and cook it at your table.

Mango salad-petro hotel- river side restaurant

The food was delicious in this very romantic place which is good for couples, groups of friends and family parties.



Wow! That is a very delicious meal you've got there. Wish I had spent my Special Day there.

Gia-Gina said...

This crab is a specialty of my moms and she makes it wonderfully. A lot of your food posts have me thinking back to when I was a kid. Lucky you.

drifter1dc said...

Food looks great....I want to jump in the PC!!!!!!

khasan said...

The shrimp dish looks great.
Do you have the recipe. Love to make this one.

Rhiannon said...

ANH OI! Anh di choi voi qua va quen em huh? I know your busy! Hope things are going okay for you. Take care.

GoingGlobal said...

Gosh, that crab looks so good!

venitha said...

Oh, man, does this food look good! Gotta add this to my list when I finally get to Saigon.

Anonymous said...

i love stir fried crabs. Never heard of this place. Could you give me the address? I want to visit it. I'm so jealous with you

Van Cong Tu said...

Food was great, especially crab.
Lacie Nguyen, look forward chatting with you soon.
Tran; Petrol hotel- Thanh Da district.

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