Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Nam Phan Restaurant

Nam Phan restaurant

This well-known restaurant has a beautiful garden and lovely decor at the entrance and inside. Nam Phan is a special place.

Nam Phan- Beef -Lemongrass

The old French building is covered with lots of green plants and surrounded with tables which are set up along the side. It's an impressive first sight. The inside decor is very simple with lots of beautiful old hand made shirts and big wall hangings on the walls.

Nam Phan- Chicken

Nam Phan is a cool, airy space with good food and excellent service, even though their serves aren’t as big as other places. The presentation of the food could have been better, too, especially considering it's a pricey place.

Nam Phan restaurant

Nam Phan Restaurant
64 Le Thanh Ton - District 1
Tel: 84.8. 829 2757
Fax: 84.8.825 7495


NWO said...

Very lovely photos. What was that dish in the 3rd photo down? How is it made?

FooDcrazEE said...

great...Tu, macau opening a lot of hotels...dont u wanna work there ?

junebee said...

A very romantic-looking place.


Very nice entrance. This restaurant must be expensive huh.


Very nice entrance. This restaurant must be expensive huh.

Anonymous said...

Yuck..I hate that restaurant. Overly pricy for something that is so mediocre. I went there with my Mom once during my short visit to VN, and it was horrendous. Service was slow, the server was very snobbish and dear god, we spent 120 US for a lunch for 2, which included some veggie stirfries and rice. The food was ok but it wasn't anywhere near the kind of price they charged us.

Stay away from this restaurant is my advice =) Sorry Godsknow

Anonymous said...

A couple years ago, wifey and I stopped by Nam Phan just to have a look and to cool off with some bottled waters and lemonades (pre-lunch, and we were the first customers of the day). Very nice atmosphere out on the patio, very elegant, and the waitstaff was pleasant. This is definitely an expat business spot, though, and the prices are very high.

Van Cong Tu said...

NWObserver, chicken with chilli and lemongrass, i will post the recipe soon.
fooDcrazEE, I owuld love too but I dont think it'd be easy. thanks mate
FRIDAY'S CHILD,junebee, this is a really beautiful place and very expensive.
Mish, some poeple said that before and I think it depends on what do you drink and eat. thanks for your comment.
Ong, I agree with you.

Mike.H. said...

My wife and I were on holiday and had a couple of great meals at your restarant and would love to know the recipe for your Nam Phan cocktail - I believe it had Mandarian Vodka and drambuie but we cannot remember the rest.
Soft shell crab was excellent

Anonymous said...

I am a Culinary Institute of America in New York and looking to do an externship at Nam Phan, but I can not find any contact information to e-mail the restaurant. I tried the e-mail address given. Could someone help me contact them?


Anonymous said...



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