Saturday, June 17, 2006

Open Mouth

Wild Rice

I have eaten in many different restaurants in Viet Nam, from local to high class restaurants just for the very simple reason, to find out about the food and for my blog. I realized that there are differences between Hanoi, where I am living now, and the south. In a high class restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City, it’s more expensive than in Hanoi, even though the food is about the same quality. Maybe we are paying more for better service? Another difference is that in Ho Chi Minh City they charge a 5% service charge in most restaurants, which is not very popular in Ha Noi, except in 5 star hotels.

Chicken hotpot

I love to try all styles and I love to eat food all around Viet Nam. The only things that I really care about are service and staff behavior. The hygiene is not really a problem for me - I'm probably immune! - but I'm fond of clean places, on the street or wherever, and a comfortable seat. In Hanoi, I usually eat out at small places and most of them are stalls on the streets and in markets where you get the best food for not much money.


FooDcrazEE said...

i tagged you with a meme. Will love to see what food you missed most from your mum.

junebee said...

So is it very expensive to eat out that much?

Writer and Nomad said...

i think you are rubbing off on me. i have been doing the same in restaurants around philadelphia--even trying a lot of new things. i have a few favorite spots, but for the most part, i try to eat in a different place every time i go out.

black feline said...'s the high operating costs....

Van Cong Tu said...

fooDcrazEE, My mum also a very good cook and she's always cook heaps differents food whenever i back home.
black feline,junebee, Not really but yes.
April, I love eating different places so that I can upload to show you guys here.

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