Thursday, October 20, 2005

My Good Friend's Wedding

Ly is my good friend who got married recently, Thinh is her husband who has been with her for over 9 years. Thao, Lien, Tuyet and me are so glad that we were here to share Ly's happiness.

She celebrated her wedding in a big restaurant near the river on the highway in Nha Trang, a place with very professional staff and delicious food. We had steamed prawns with garlic and chilli in beer, a duo of roasted chicken with stickyrice, rolled stir fried beef with asian herbs and rice paper, a Thai hot pot and steamed momordica glutinous rice. Fresh fruit for dessert, soft drinks and Saigon beer were provided for everyone, as much as you possibly could drink til you drop.

She looked so happy with Thinh that day. They have been living near each other in Ninh Hoa and both families have their own seafood restaurants which are very successful. He has just opened his own seafood restaurant in Daklak - in the central highlands and she will move up there for her new life.
If you ever go to Nha Trang and head to the wild beautiful beach called Doc Let, you will see on the right hand side her family restaurant called Gio, which means Wind, or you can try her sister's restaurant which goes by the same name, at 86 Tran Phu street in the city. Great fresh seafood!


Van Cong Tu said...

Hi there,
Thanks for checking my blog and leaving your comment.
Ly and Thinh are both Kinh and they have their own business there, a seafood restaurnt and i think he is doing well so far.

Anonymous said...

I also just discovered your blog, and its very interesting. I am a Vietnamese/Canadian, and have only been to Vietnam once on a trip with my father when I was 19, I am currently 27. I was thinking of going back to work for awhile, but to be honest i have no idea where to start looking for work. Can you suggest any websites that I may go to to apply or inquire about jobs??


Van Cong Tu said...

Hau Trieu
It really depends on your profession. There are some job websites. Lots of foreigners teach here but they have certificates or degrees.

Anonymous said...

That's great to know this blog. That would be nice to have its link on my blog (I am going to build).
Btw, I am a vietnamese studying abroad, love NhaTrang crazily, been there many times, have some great NTrang friends. Lovely place for vacation.
As I said, I am going build a blog for my Mom, so it would be nice to have both english and vietnamese writing in my blog, do you know how to write vietnamese in Blogger, and specially, how to configure the blog in order to allow guests COMMENTING in vietnameses? If you could help me, that would be very much appreciate!.

When I have my own blog, I will ask your permission for the link, as some article about foods interested me SO MUCH!
I hope you have a productive working week and enjoy your lovely Nha Trang!


Van Cong Tu said...

Hi VK - Just found your comment. Thanks for the encouragement. You can blog in Vietnamese but you need the Vietkey program on your computer and you should choose Ariel as the font in blogger. You might be able to use others, I'm not sure. Of course you can link to mine. Let me know when you start.