Thursday, October 13, 2005

Rooftop Party

Welcome to my friends, Pam, in Hanoi for the first time and Liz for the second time. I also invited all of my friends in Hanoi and my colleagues from Wildrice to come and enjoy with us.

This is a BYO BBQ party and people seemed happy with this idea. We provided food including grilled prawns with butter and garlic, fish kebabs, grilled beef with sate, chilli and lemongrass, grilled pork done the Russian way, grilled chicken wings and chicken meat.

There are varieties of salad choices such as mango salad with shrimp, green papaya and prawn salad, dry beef salad with papaya and carrot and a mixed green salad. Fresh spring rolls with fish, shrimp, herbs and noodles, and vegetarian fresh spring rolls.

Funky music was on for whole night, a mix of Vietnamese love songs and rap and hip hop.

Beers and wine are opened nonstop and everyone seemed quite merry at the end of the party and I hope they had a good time at our place and wishing to see them again in our next party.

Thanks to Liz and Pam for coming to Viet Nam and discovering my country and also thanks to everybody for coming to the party.


Preya said...

Wow, hot party! You seem to throw a good party Vietnamese God, can't wait to meet you:)

Anonymous said...

Well what a wonderful party. Thank you. The food was wonderful. My mouth is watering, just thinking about it. Talented chefs! Wild Rice Rules! The company was wonderful too. You have lovely friends. I even approve of the photo.

Van Cong Tu said...

Hi Liz,
Good to know that you had a good time, I can't wait to have another party when you come back.

Hi Preya,
Don't forget to contact me when you are in Hanoi.