Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Budget Lunch

Com Binh Dan- Cau Go street

I walked around the old quarter today trying to take some photos of a few interesting places. Time passed by so quickly and I started to feel so hungry. After ten minutes of wandering around trying to find somewhere which looks clean and cheap because I didn't plan to have lunch out today.

Com Binh Dan- Cau Go street

Finally, I went to a small shop which looked quite clean and there were lots of choices for food. I chose some eggs, some tiny shrimp paste, some stir fried vegetables, some stir fried spare ribs with sesame and some broth. I actually enjoyed my meal which cost only 20,000Vnd while speaking a few words with an old man from the countryside who drank a whole bottle of rice wine during his meal. He was hilarious with his strange accent and he invited me to drink wine with him, too. Oh my gosh, how can I keep up with him.

Com Binh Dan - Cau Go

If you get lost in the Old Quarter at lunch time, go to 40 Cau Go street, cheap and good. Good luck!


Anonymous said...

I normally stay at The Time Hotel (6 Cau Go) whenever I am in Hanoi so 40 Cau Go would always be my choice for a quick cheap lunch too. Never had a stomach problem after eating there, but do not venture out to the back. The washing up can really put you off the food!

D said...

Streetfood is the most kickass. You've not truly experienced a country unless you've tried their streetfood culture.

Anonymous said...

6 years ago, i think i buyed around 7000 VND for a lot more food than what you had right there. The cost of living in Ha Noi is just sky rocket faster than in Sai Gon .

junebee said...

Looks delicious!