Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Exterminators

Mong ty Diet Muoi

Arrived home after two weeks of sunshine and fresh air in Nha Trang. I feel great being back home but I realized that there were too many mosquitoes around my house and they have bitten me many times around my body. So I decided to call the extermination company. Today, they sent one man to spray my house. The smell was unpleasant but it's effective enough to leave many mosquitoes dying on the floor and now I can sit in the living room posting this without shaking my legs anymore :)

Nhan Vien Diet Muoi

The guy was so brave (or silly?)that he didn't wear anything to cover his face even though I offered him a mask which he refused. I don't know how he is going to be after 10 years working in these conditions? I also don't think he gets health insurance or anything from his company to protect his health? I think I should call and ask the company tomorrow. I will think about it. But I am sure they will tell me that they give him all the safety wear but he may have forgotten them.

Binh Xit Muoi

I was surprised that he came in with only a pump and two bottles, I thought they would have sent at least three people to do the job. Anyway, it took him 40 minutes to finished our four floor house and I only paid 200,000Vnd. If you live in Hanoi, call his company. The number is on the back of his shirt in the photo at the top.


Preya said...

Cool...he looks like a bad ass.

Furkids in Hong Kong™ said...

Sigh, hope he doesn't experience bad health in the future due to this.

Your new hairstyle look good, as do the sausages. Mmmm, hungry now.