Friday, March 09, 2007

Nha Trang 2007 Part III

My mum1

My family invited my friends to my house for Vietnamese Tet dinner and my mother cooked Vietnamese food. I hope everyone enjoyed the meal. My friends couldn't believe that we Vietnamese eat so much wasabi with fresh tuna that it almost burned their throat.

Eric, Gaylene, Tu, Mark, Marije, Sandra at Bien Ngoc restaurant

Marije, Sandra, Gaylene, Eric, Mark and I went to the Louisianna bar right on the beach to sunbath for the whole day and pay 20,000Vnd for each beach chair. This bar has the same owner as the Sailing club but it has a swimming pool and they make their own beer which is good and much cheaper than at Sailing club. Sailing club isn't as good as it used to be as they now force people to buy entrance tickets that include one drink but it's so expensive compared to other bars, even in Hanoi, 35,000Vn. People still come here as there is a really great Dj.

Bao_Dai_Villas - Nha Trang

Thanks to Gaylene and Eric for nice photos

Eric and Gaylene, bloggers from New Zealand currently living in Hanoi were celebrating their 30 year anniversary in Nha Trang and they chose Bao Dai's Villas for their special treat. They also went to Da Lat by motorbike and they loved it so much. They were also really impressed about beautiful Da Lat and the Dream hotel which was only $15 per night with breakfast included(all you can eat and drink including fresh juice).

Minh- my sister and her daughter

On the last day, my sister invited us to her house. She's a chef at Duy Tan hotel and she cooks really well and we couldn't finish it all because there are so much food on the table. She was so happy to see all my friends at her house. Her husband cannot speak English but he tried so hard and mixed in some Russian and it was fun. After the meal, we went home but my brother called us up and wanted to meet up at Louisiane bar for a drink with him and his friends. Another funny story is that my brother and his friends couldn't speak English well and they also mixed in some Russian songs. Everybody had a great time with lots of beer and I was drunk, too.

Tet flowers

We had such a great time in Nha Trang and we all left Nha Trang on February 25th to return to Ha Noi for work. Farewell Nha Trang, see you soon.


junebee said...

Is that your mom in the first picture?


Wow! You're early. We are only Sunday pm and you're Monday already.
I'm sorry about those jobs but I'm sure you'll be able to find one. Don't worry. I know you'll make it.
Nice photos and beautiful flower.
Just passing by to say hello.

Van Cong Tu said...

Junebee: Yes, she's my mother.
Friday's child: Sorry, that's my mistake :)

Anonymous said...

Must agree with you about Sailing Club in Nha Trang. The place certainly has lost its charm, is now overpriced and full of showy Vietnamese young rich kids who want everyone to know that they are stylish to be able to order food in English!!!!