Monday, March 05, 2007

New Look

Xuc xich czech

Eric, Gaylene, Mark and I went to Hoa Vien restaurant last night for a weekend feed. The food was acceptable but what we really loved was the Czech beer there. The staff were a bit slack and because there was hardly anyone there, the atmosphere was a bit cold. They make very good sausages but the presentation on the plate was a bit funny. The Chicken salad was the highlight and the grilled pork done Czech style is very special and the chicken wings with tamarind sauce were yummy. Anyway, we had a good meal in a very empty restaurant and I heard one of the staff who was standing at the door say" police coming" meaning the owner was coming. Of course, all the staff stood up and walked around, but they sat down again after he left. Isn't that funny? This reminds me so much about my previous job.

New hair

We talked about our holiday in Nha Trang and how much we enjoyed it there. Also Eric had a new haircut and I said that I also wanted to cut my hair. Eric invited me to come over to his house to give me a special treat. Today, I went to his house and I had a No1.

Before (hair)

The above photo is before and the photo below is after. Thanks to Eric and Mark for the photos.


What do you think about my new look? I'm really happy with it and also I don't need any gel or a comb. My friends told me that I look like a monk. Hooray, yahooooooo.

Hoa Vien Restaurant

8 Doc Ngoc Ha - Ha Noi


junebee said...

You look like a martial arts master. I have noticed all the self-defense masters have their hair short nowadays, since long hair is access for an attacker. Does Vietnam have any native martial arts styles?

Unknown said...

It was fun. And just think, you don't need a hair drier!!!!!

Buddhist with an attitude said...

You look good, like a young Jet Li.

Preya said...

I like it Tu! (Just like Britney Spears, haha)

Anonymous said...

Viet Nam has VO VI NAM

laxtosgn said...

Hmm.. the Hoa Vien in HCMC is excellent. I love their black beer and the ribs!

Van Cong Tu said...

Thanks june bee. I don't really know about this :)
Preya, thanks. DO you think so :) haha

Anonymous said...

The Hoa vien restaurant in HCMC is much much better than the Ha noi one (based on what you wrote). We loved the food and the beer. Our favourite was eggpant and pork in the pot with white rice. The atmosphere is very friendly too. Although, it's a bit pricy.