Sunday, March 18, 2007

Russian Meal

Lana and group

My Russian friend, Lana works as public relation manager at Focus travel. She's going to Moscow for 2 weeks for a business trip which was a good excuse for a meal to catch up with a few friends. The Russian food was a bit different to anything I've had before. Some of my friends said that it was a bit rich like French food. I like trying new food and giving you guys some feed back.

Russian restaurant

Sorry, I can't really remember exactly what we ate and the food might be good for Russians but my friends and I didn't enjoy it that much. It was also quite expensive when we thought about the size of the portions, the presentation and the atmosphere of an empty restaurant. The service was poor because the staff couldn't remember the names of the dishes and they bought the starters after the main courses. The wine and beer was not cold at all and we had to wait for almost half an hour for the wine to be chilled, and my friends had to drink beer with ice. I want to mention one more time that this is not a cheap restaurant and we were the only people in the big three storey restaurant.

Russian food - dessert

Wrong choice for the meal but we had a good time together.

102 Mai Hac De


Anonymous said...

Russian foods are no where the same as French food. Absolutely not! I'm not trying to be a snob but French food is exquisite. You should go and try it at a real French restaurant.

Buddhist with an attitude said...

Russian food is made for Russian people and Russian weather: lots of potatoes, dough, thick sauce, etc.. SO I guess it doesn't translate too well in a hot country like Vietnam.

junebee said...

I ate at a Russian restaurant in Chicago. I had a lamb-stuffed pastry with a carrot salad, and some very dark and delicious bread. It was the cheapest thing on the menu and I also had a shot of vodka (I mean, who wouldn't?!). The lunch was excellent and well worth going over my credit card limit for. I have never again found such a delicious stuffed pastry.

Maybe what I had wasn't really Russian food!

consise10 said...

French cuisine is amongst the best in the entire world! The Russians arent so famous for theirs and ive never tried any thing russian aside from their Stolichnaya, which is world class!Nice blog looks like you people had a great evening thanks for sharing Vietnamese God

Anonymous said...

Hi God Knows, I like the restaurant reviews you do on this blog and I hope you do more.

I've linked quite a few from ChefMoz:

I don't know if you've checked out ChefMoz in the past. It's developed a lot in the past 6 months so please take a look anyway.

I hope you could send a link back! ChefMoz needs more folks participating in order to make it better!

Anonymous said...

yo man...absolutely no way same as french cuisine...for starter u get starter then moves on to main course then dessert...Definetely not as u mentioned haphazard food ordern servies...when comes to French cuisine all of them chefs goes by the same stickler of food regime....service n food n manners

Anonymous said...



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