Saturday, October 22, 2005

Nha Trang

A warm welcome to Nha Trang is a smiling local face, seen easily on the hot, lazy streets. They will try to speak to you as much as possible, if they have the chance. Do not be surprised if they ask you, on first meeting, about your age and personal details. These simple English questions are what they've studied at school.

There are lots of highlights in Nha Trang: culture, food, architecture and nightlife highlights. The white pagoda is a huge, peaceful place to come and relax and listen to the chanting of the Buddhists. Nha Trang people love to go to the pagoda on every first and fifteenth lunar day, and at the end of the month.

There are heaps of churches in Nha Trang, most of which are really old. Lots of people choose the Rock church to pray at because it's great looking, really old and right on the top of the hill with nice city views.

If you want to try some Vietnamese food for lunch, don't forget this address which has really good food and is not very expensive.

The sour "Nem Chua" is one of the most famous dishes in Nha Trang. You have to take off layers of leaves and eat the centre meat with some sweet chilli sauce, just a yummy dish.

Having coffee at the Phu Sy cafe is a nice experience. It has a nice atmosphere with great coffee. They do live shows in the middle of every week, all kinds of different performances.

The biggest market in town, the Dam market is a most popular place for locals to come and do business. You should take a short walk around and have a good look.

Hon Chong- Roch mountain is such a magic place with links to a legend about the fairy. Go and hear the people who live around there talking about it. Don't forget to place your palm on the rock, like in the picture.

Relaxing at the mud and hot stream baths is a good, healthy afternoon activity. It might boil your bum off but it's fun.

Checking and sending email to friends at Cyber net in Nguyen Thi Minh Khai St is very comfy and hi-tech. You can use fully equipped lap tops in an air conditioned area.

A dinner at Hai Vy is a good place with delicious food and good, fast service. All of the seafood is so fresh and the prices can't be beaten.

End your day at the Sailing club where you can meet people for a chat in a good atmosphere right on the beach with cold beer, great cocktails and the best DJ in town.

Hope you guys have a nice time if you ever have the chance to come to Nha Trang. And of course, this post can't give you all the information but you can check out the lonely planet or click the following links: Nha Trang1 , Nha Trang2, Nha Trang3.


Anonymous said...

I found your blog about a month ago and read it regularly now. I visited about 23 years ago and barely remember it. It will be on my itinerary the next time i'm in Vietnam!

Van Cong Tu said...

I'm a bit biased because I'm from Nha Trang but it really is a beautiful, relaxing seaside city. If you are coming to VN, you should definitely include it on your itinerary.

Tôm Càng said...


It was nice to see that things didn't change a bit in Nha Trang since I left 5 years ago. Part of my family lives there (bà con xa).
Same places, same faces. Cuoc song qua di, qua di... Nho Nha Trang qua...

You should definitely register your blog on
People will love your pictures !

Van Cong Tu said...

Hi Tom Cang,
Thanks for checking my blog and I'm glad that my post reminds you about VietNam.

Anonymous said...

i love your info about Nha Trang, i would definitely introduce it to my girlfriend who often visits it every year w/ her family. She must love to see this and certainly check all those places out.

Van Cong Tu said...

Hi NT,
Thanks for your comment about my post, I am sure that your girl friend would love Nha Trang where you can come across some of the best food.

Van Cong Tu said...

Hi vngriffi1, thanks for your comment, contact me if you ever come to Hanoi.

Anonymous said...


I have recently discovered and read through much of your blog. I especially enjoy the photos.

In 1962 my family lived in a large house in Nha Trang. It's name, "Les Margoullates" (spelling?) was over the front entrance. There were large lizards built onto the exterior of the house. I believe that it had been the French Provincial Governor's house.

Is this place still there? What's it used for now?

My family and I have very fond memories of Nha Trang, especially of the beach.


Van Cong Tu said...

Hi, sonyphone
Sorry that I dont live in Nha Trang at the moment, I live in Hanoi now, and just comeback Nha Trang for holiday. I will check this house in my next tripa nd get back to you.

Anonymous said...

Oh, it would be wonderfull to hear about it after you are able to visit Nha Trang again.

I'll try to see if I can find the address of the place.

Thanks again,

Anonymous said...

Well, my mother says that there was no address for the house - indeed, that there were no addresses in Nha Trang then. She could say only that it was one block from the beach and that there was a large Buddhist monastery, and a hotel (The Grand?), across the street.

She says that her cousin, who was a general in the US Army, told her that the house became an officers' club during the war.

Well, that's all for now.


Anonymous said...

I cant wait to see Vietnam! I'll be travelling from Hanoi to Saigon in February, really looking forward to it :)

Anonymous said...

Nha trang is a beautiful town not only because of its beaches but also because of its people. My opinion is also somewhat bias since I too am from Nha Trang. I left at age four, lived most of my life in LA, and made my first visit back in 2000 at age twenty-six. I immediately fell in love.

p.s. I like your blog.

Boulet Family said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog. I have visited Nha Trang on 5 different trips to Vietnam since 2005. My wife and I have adopted 3 children from Vietnam. Our first two children are from Nha Trang and we hold a special place in our heart for Nha Trang. The city is very nice and the people have always been very friendly to us. I am sure that we will continue to visit Vietnam in the future. Always a very interesting country to spend some time in. Keep up the good work with the blog, it always helps me remember all of things that I like about Vietnam.


Anonymous said...

I born and grew up in Nha Trang. Your blog makes me homesick. Nha Trang has very beautiful beach. Also it has good school there "Reeducation Camp A20, and A30". If you come there next time. You can visit these schools.

Van Cong Tu said...

Hi sonyphone, I went back Nha Trang last month just for 2 days and I couldn't find th house you mentioned. If you tallk about Grand hotel and maybe that's the one but that's really huge.
Jack, contact me if you wnt to have a local drink:)
Boulet Family, Mike, Thanks I love my city.
Anonymous , I will check those schools out in my next trip. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for looking for the house and letting me know! Of course it seems silly to me now to expect that you might find it- or that it even might still exist. It was so long ago and I've seen some photos of present day Nha Trang. It's a big place now!

I hope that you enjoyed yourself there.


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